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Redefine your  lost ideas


Find project 'MAGMA' on on how a green innovation comes to a great success!


Are you a writer? We will help you publish your first book! We will even edit, market, and sell it worldwide

mobile apps

and more...

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Passionate software geniuses working nights and days to design mobile apps and many more! Coming soon! 

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'Baaksho' is a foreign term for 'Box'. Before experiencing 'Out of Box', we must learn our 'Box. We have helped hundreds finding their lost ideas into well defined ones, organizing into business cases, and marketing it into a sell-able products. We even help you get funding through sponsors or sites like 'Kickstarter'. Let us help you!

- Mobile apps

- Webdesign

- Innovation

- Literature

- Movie making

- Controls s/w

- Music

- Photography

- And more


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